25 Fascinating Facts About Mexico You Should Know

1. Mexico means “In the navel of the Moon” and comes from Nahuatl “Metztli” (moon) and “xictli” (navel). 2. We have a population of 122.3 million inhabitants. 48% are men, 52% are women, in a surfa…

Source: 25 Fascinating Facts About Mexico You Should Know


Keep Your Phone Close

Well, I was right outside my gate, took a pic, sent it by text, and was looking down when a guy sprinted down the street, grabbed my iPhone 6 Plus, went a half block and jumped on the back of a waiting scooter.  Someone called the cops and within 2 or 3 minutes four bicycle cops came, and radioed all units.  Too late, lucky I had the iTunes account info and Apple cut it down.  Keep the numbers and IMEI recorded and be alert.