Within this site I have attempted to inform the reader of what it’s like to live in Mexico today and to give new insight to the procedures as they stand in May 2016.  I realize that some people have had different experiences.  An example are the changes at INM, Migration at the Federal Building in Guadalajara in January 2016.  The new FMM, Temporary Resident will find the new and improved system simple and fast.

Also, my experiences may be a bit different because I live in San Pedro Tlaquepaque or Centro de Tlaquepaque (Spanish pronunciation: [tlakeˈpake]) a part of the quickly growing Guadalajara metro area (below is the 2010 census for the metro area).   Some estimates suggest the population to be around 6,000,000 today.

Detailed Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (GMA) population data by INEGI, 2005
1 Guadalajara 1,494,134      
2 Zapopan 1,233,538      
3 Tlaquepaque 608,187      
4 Tonalá 478,981      
5 Tlajomulco de Zuniga 416,552      
6 El Salto 138,585      
7 Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos 41,057      
8 Juanacatlán 13,218      
Total GMA 4,424,252      

 There are unique advantages to living in the area, but it’s not for everyone.   You’ve got to enjoy the convenience of everything being close