How Safe Are You Traveling In Mexico?

Costa Maya Mahahual

I found this article today, I thought I would share.  You are safer traveling in Mexico, then you are at home in the USA.  So the next time someone tells you it is unsafe to travel to Mexico, show them this article.


How Safe Are You Traveling In Mexico?

by travelingmattershub on Dec 6th, 2014 ·

How does the homicide rate of Mexico compare to that of a major City in the United States? You might be surprised by the facts. For the question of how safe a tourist is in Mexico, you can probably find facts to backup whatever notion you already have depending on your source. Below are some facts and information to help understand the reality. How does this compare to your perception of Mexico?

Here are the facts about Mexico travel and living:

• Mexico returned to the #1 position as an international destination for Americans…

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