Look Closely and Learn

Super Micro

When you live in a small barrio of a large metro area, as I do at the moment, you can go to the plaza a couple of blocks away and see micro businesses clearly supporting each other. The little lady with her cheese table sells to the food cart vendor, the vendor buys from the butcher downstairs a few steps away, they all have cool drinks of juice or cold water from a roaming little cart, and that guy buys from the food cart. The circle is endless. Now, go into a chain store, small or large, and the workers don’t have time to come outside. They’re out of the loop, busy, then exhausted and off straight to home. Maybe it’s not the same as the USA “shop local” movements, but it is visible lesson in basic micro capitalism that can be viewed from the comfort of a park bench.


One might see little homes in various states of completion, but nonetheless occupied.  You can view these little casas in two ways, a ramshackle mess or a paid for home that is being completed a few bricks at a time without a mortgage.   I absolutely love the “few bricks at a time” idea of a mortgage free lifestyle.   Today, compared to a decade ago, I see more and more “fast cash” credit shops.  My hope and belief is that there are still for too many “few bricks at a time” folks to ever have a credit crisis.  Life is much simpler when you work for food, small power and water bills, and savings.  My advice is to look closely and not judge the ramshackle for other than what it is: A well thought out plan for a debt free home and life style.


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