bank  Ask 10 people and get 11 answers.  Everybody does it their own way.  I banked in Mexico for a few years last time I was here, but this time I’m going to do it differently.  PayPal purchased the transfer system XOOM.  You can transfer up to $2,999 USD for $4.99 USD, you can even pay your Mexican phone  (some providers) and pay CFE (Power) for a smaller fee.

Since PayPal took over XOOM there is no affiliate program, but if you send me your email on the contact form I will send you a link and you get $20 credit and I get $20 credit.

I didn’t have a direct deposit last time and the transfer fees were high on both ends.  XOOM takes seconds and the money is available with the control number and proper ID  at hundreds of locations.


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