Many expats living in Mexico live in quite areas away from noise and traffic.   Some are bothered by the fireworks, honking horns, and traffic noise.   Personally, I have learned to accept the noise of living in a city. Just as I have been able to accept the ringing in my ears (tinnitus). I sometimes say I became mentally and emotionally mature “the day dogs barking stopped bothering me”.

When you first start driving here you are shocked at boldness, weaving, and the absolute need to be alert to everyone. Hesitate at a signal light for a couple of seconds and you will be “honked”. Accept it. If someone wants into your lane they will make hand or eye signals, let them in, and if you make a signal you’ll be surprised at the courtesy.

Noise is everywhere. The recorded sound of ”Gassssssssss” and the scrap man’s mumbled recording can become amusing rather than annoying. It may take a bit to accept the noise around you, but you will learn to accept it. It’s not going away so you must accept it.

Okay, it is going to be hard to get used to. I must realize that most people didn’t spend 20 plus years near or on a heavy artillery firing line like myself. However, you will learn to accept and maybe even enjoy the sounds of Mexico.


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