The Institudo Nacional de Migracion (INM) is located on the first floor of the historical building located at Alcalde AV. Guadalajara. Photos are available in small shops all around the building plus most of these shops will review your records and make sure you have the right copies. By the way, the required photos are smaller than a US passport photo and two front along with one right side are required. Inside the INM the system has been greatly approved since the days of the FM3 on the upper floors. The computer station has a bilingual assistant.   Interesting enough the assistant that aided me, Alejandro De la Peña, told me the history of the building. This building was once the Headquarter s of the Mexican War Department and during WWII it was turned into a military hospital. More interesting the assistant’s great grandfather was one of 5000 Mexican soldiers who died in France fighting alongside American and Allied soldiers during WWII.  It’s sad that Mexico’s contribution in blood and treasure to the Allied effort is often overlooked. As a military retiree, I could see the pride Alejandro had for his great grandfather, the history of the federal building, and his country. We must never forget the greatest generation of all countries.

But, back to migration. When entering the country on a FMM as a Temporary Resident you have 15 short days to get to the INM and immediately to the Hacienda (SAT) to extend your vehicle sticker (TIP) which I will explain later. At the INM you will first go to the computer station and register to get a number for the line. You will be given a form to take to the Banco National de Mexico, S. A. where you will pay 3,596 MX Peso for your one-year Temporary Residence. I saw a lot of different post about all of this, like being able to have a 1,2,3, or 4-year Temporary Residence. These rules change. As of this post you can only have a one year and then you can renew for three years. After the four-year period, you must register as a permanent resident. As a permanent resident things change.

You will be given a HUT number or Numero Unico de Tramite and within 5 to 7 days you will be undated by email. If you fail to get an email, there is a clear internet site in bold letters for you to check your status and the day you can return to the INM for your final processing and card.

It is not necessary to complete your procedures to visit or inform the Hacienda (SAT) to have your TIP extended and get your deposit secured (in my case the deposit on a US credit card in Nuevo Laredo was $347 for a 2002 pickup and a 2016 cargo trailer. The TIP (sticker) is good as long as your FMM is good.

The Aduana the Guadalajara airport are very accommodating. I can’t speak enough Spanish to be understood and my bilingual assistant had her child with her. No children may be admitted through security. The Aduana agent came to the front, gathered my papers and processed everything returning within minutes for my signature and stating an email with notification of the TIP extension would be sent via email and postal mail. The two documents given, the email and/or postal mail document along with the original TIP should be kept in the vehicle at all times.  Excellent service and very fast.

Just remember as soon as you get your HUT number and email notice from INM go get your TIP extended. Since the time interval was close i obtained my CURP number before going to the Aduana and all went well.

The new procedures in the INM are designed to eliminate the need for an attorney or a middle person. They are not needed at all. I would also like to remind the reader that I am writing about what happened to me, my experience as of May 2016. There may be some doubt and some may have had a different experience. These are mine and mine alone. The hold process took less than one hour and the holdup was the bank line.

Here are my time frame for INM processing after arrival (and, of course, Mexican Consulate processing in the US):

  1. Reported to INM on the 15th day, a Monday.
  2. Received an email confirmation on Thursday to report back in person no earlier than three (3) business days from date of email.
  3. Reported to INM the next Thursday, presented infant (small) images (two front, one right), finger printed, signed documents, issued a CURP number, and was told to come back the following Thursday for the actual card.  Approximate time was 30 minutes or less.
  4. Reported back in one week and was issued the FMM ID Card.

INM hours are 9AM to 1PM.  Again, the new and improved system is designed around service and there is no need for a lawyer or middle man .  There is a multilingual person on the floor who can assist anyone.







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