Cost of Living?

I will attempt to consistently update my personal cost of living.  I live alone in the center of Tlaquepaque.  My apartment is inside a gated area with the parking lot in front of the 10 apartments.  These apartments have a long waiting list and I was very lucky to be in line when one opened.  They are all, I believe, 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a living/dinner, small kitchen and laundry room.  Gas, public water, and gardener is included in the rent.  I have charted my expenses so far, but while I have lived here before I will wait a few months before breaking all of it down for the reader.  I’ve totaled the auto insurance for US plated pick up and cargo trailer, power, drinking water, maid service (two days a week) (includes cleaning, cooking, ironing, and shopping), rent, cell service, home phone-50mg internet-TV package, and Vonage .  The total cost of living so far is $533.53 USD based on 17 Mexico Pesos per 1 USD.  I have projected fresh local market food and some processed food from Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Costco etc. and gasoline for my pick up will be an addition $225.30 for a total monthly expense of $758.82.

Remember, I will update this post at least monthly after three months and post an excel sheet.  I may have left off a few things like pro-rated immigration fees.

Keep in mind, the Mexico Peso (MXN) varies with many factors to include oil prices, Mexican Central Bank interest, and the US Fed interest rates along with many others.

Trying to predict the exchange rate is difficult.  I read more than 20 research articles and have found that the best prediction is from multinational companies planning rate.  That rate for the remainder of 2016 is 18 MXN for 1 USD.

Some articles predict a rate of 20 MXN for 1 USD by 2020.  Personally, I find that hard to believe based on my total research.  I will stick with checking multinational company planning rates.



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